2022-23 UCLA Philharmonia, Symphony, and Wind Ensemble Concert Schedules

Repertoire and concert venues to be announced.

Note for students: The following concert dates are provided to assist with advance planning and help avoid conflicts with potential outside engagements. Students will receive ensemble assignments for all three quarters of the year at the end of fall auditions, so you can protect these UCLA performance dates in your calendar. If you are already aware of a possible conflict please make note of it on your audition application, and we will try to make accommodations in ensemble assignments where possible.

Philharmonia Concerts

- Fall 2022 Concerts: 4pm Sunday, Oct. 30th; 4pm Sunday, Dec. 4th (Prof. Che-Yen Chen as viola soloist) 
- Winter 2023 Concerts: 4pm Sunday, Jan. 29th; Sunday, Feb. 26th and Tuesday, Feb. 28th Dave Brubeck "The Gates of Justice" (Brass and Percussion only); 4pm Saturday, Mar. 18th
- Spring 2023 Concerts: 4pm Sunday, April 23; 8pm Thursday, May 18th; 8pm Thursday, June 8th

Symphony Concerts

- Fall 2022 Concerts: 8pm Friday, Dec. 2nd
- Winter 2023 Concerts: 8pm Thursday, Mar. 16th
- Spring 2023 Concerts: 8pm Wednesday, June 7th

Wind Ensemble Concerts

- Fall 2022 Concerts: 8pm Friday, Nov. 4
- Winter 2023 Concerts: 8pm Friday, Feb. 10th; 8pm Friday, Mar. 17th
- Spring 2023 Concerts: Various Times Thursday, Apr. 27th and Friday, Apr. 28th (UCLA Wind Ensemble Invitational); 8pm Wednesday, May 31st 

Ticket Policy

Free admission for UCLA faculty, staff and students (with ID)

Free general admission; suggested donation to UCLA Orchestra Fund